To break away from the technical side of pipe manufacturing, I came across this very odd application of 4″ tubing recently. We are used to seeing corrugated pipe in many places, such as the airports for bag handling ramps, on TV as back drops for stage setups, countless times at sporting venues as the center core for the field cover and the many truck commercials that use corrugated pipe, the below video link is the weirdest use I have seen so far.

The guys making this video were very creative using the ubiquitous 4″ corrugated pipe in their mini movie “The Idol of Jinnea” You can find the video clip at about 3:30 into their movie.

This vyes with some of the Christmas reindeer we have become used to seeing, or the many other seasonal decorations we see corrugated pipe turned into.

Sorry for the break from my typical technical discussion, but I had to smile when I came across this.


2 Responses to “The oddest use of 4″ corrugated pipe I have come accross”

  1. Phyllis says:

    Loved the video. We have various amounts of corregated pipe left over from construction jobs (various diameters f rom 8″ to 24″). Rather than putting in a landfill, we’re looking for alternative uses. Think it’s too wide diameter for downspout use. Do you know of any methods for disposing that can be used (sculptures or whatever)? Or, appropriate recycling places (the only we found are all in Pennsylvania several hours away from Rockville, MD). Any assistance you can offer would be welcome.

  2. Tony Kime says:


    Almost any of the pipe manufacturers would take back corrugated pipe. The product is 100% recyclable, and with the industries controlled raw material specifications these pipse can very easily be reprocessed into other pipe to be used in lower end applications. In your area I would suggest contacting Lane Enterprises Lane Enterprises or Advanced Drainage Systems

    One very important thing will be the cleanliness of the pipe. The more dirt on it the higher the cost of reusing it. If there is anyway to get rid of excess dirt, especially if the pipe has been reclaimed from use, the better chance there is a viable way to recycle it. The analogy would be tearing of the paper label from a tin can, or cleaning out your plastic container before you put it in the recycling bin.

    As far as alternate uses, try finding somebody to reuse it or put the pipe on ebay or Craigs List.

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