Unicor have just uploaded the video overview of the November 2012 symposium held at their head office in Hassfurt Germany. Please take the time to watch it as it gives a very good impression of why people who attended had a great day.

Unicor Corrugated Pipe Technology Symposium Video

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For those of you who were not able to attend the symposium held at Unicor November 14, 2012 you missed a great event which was well attended and informative. As I talked to people who were there, a common theme evolved in our conversations – the great opportunity to exchange ideas with corrugated pipe manufacturers from all over the world. Unicor have a world base of customers – many who are leaders in their respective market, this symposium created a unique opportunity for people to exchange ideas with each other, many who would not have met otherwise.

For participants who arrived the night before, Unicor hosted an evening reception and dinner at the Landhotel in Rügheim, which was well attended and a great chance for people to be introduced to one another. The symposium began the following morning at 9:00 am, after people arrived for coffee and settled,  the presentations began at 9:30 am. The technical agenda was full, with the morning being dedicated to presentations, and the live production run with the UC210 scheduled at 12:30 followed by lunch at 2:00 pm.

Klaus Kaufmann, Managing Director of Unicor GmbH opened the morning with a presentation about Unicor and its future objectives. Kaufmann’s presentation gave a very strong insight into Unicor’s history, and future plans.

Unicor GmbH symposium

Klaus Kaufmann making his presentation at the 2012 Unicor corrugator symposium

He closed his presentation with an introduction of the new majority owners of Unicor, the GAW Group Pildner-Steinburg Holding GmbH from Graz Austria, represented at the symposium by Ing Jorg Pildner-Steinburg, Managing Director of GAW and Maj Robert Assl-Pildner-Steinburg, Prokurist.

Ing Pildner-Steinburg gave a brief talk to the attendee’s welcoming them to Unicor and complimenting the management team at Unicor, for organizing the event showcasing Unicor corrugator technology. In his discussion he noted the Unicor management team of Klaus Kaufmann, Gerhard Haefner and Hubert Kossner are continuing as shareholders and directors of Unicor, demonstrating the confidence they have in the future of Unicor under the GAW majority ownership.

About the GAW Group: The GAW group, a global group of companies for industrial plant construction and engineering which, offers customers innovative and tailored solutions from a single source in the three strategic areas of paper, automotive & industrial solutions and environmental solutions. The GAW group employs 1,300 people and generates an annual turnover of 200 million euros at an export quota of 90%.

Hubert Kossner presented  the new corrugator UC210 for the medium pipe range

With its diameter range from 32 mm i.d. to 200 mm o.d., the UC 210 covers a range of pipe sizes in the medium pipe segment as often requested by many pipe manufacturers. The new UNICOR machine produces single and double-walled corrugated pipe for all applications from technical pipes to drainpipes.

The high performance and output data are evidence that UNICOR has once again focused on premium quality for this all-round machine. For instance, the demonstrated output per hour is 1000 kg for PVC and 900 kg for HDPE. The maximum mechanical speed of the corrugator is 35 m/min, these outputs are impressive on a corrugator with a 6.333m mold set.

Technical finesses such as the zooming middle channel or the quick change system for the mould blocks and die sets are standard features of the line. This makes the price of the UNICOR UC 210 corrugator also impressive. Despite covering the medium range of pipes and implementing various innovative technical features, it costs no    more than a machine for the limited range of pipes up to 160 mm outer diameter.

The corrugator presentation was followed by technical lectures covering the extrusion and coiling processes presenting the advantages of efficient, cost-saving pipe production.

Battenfeld-Cincinatti, spoke of the extruder combination for manufacturing double-walled corrugated HDPE and PE pipes, solEX 75 and solEX 60.

FB Balzanelli from Italy explained the High Performance Winder EC2000, on which the sample pipes for the UC 210 presentation in the UNICOR plant were fully automatically wound. The EC2000 has achieved wide acceptance in the past three years form producers of corrugated pipe, and is being used successfully for the coiling of both doublewall and singlewall tubing.

UC210 corrugator for corrugated tubing production

The UC210 demonstration of 160mm OD cable protection pipes

Upon completion of the mornings presentations guests were treated to a start-up and modest run of the UC 210 corrugator running 160mm OD coilable cable protection pipe. The start-up was quick and efficient demonstrating the ease of operation of the machine and small amount of scrap that is produced before making in specification saleable pipe.

The line was started at a low speed of 6m per minute and once running the synchronization of the extruders, corrugator and downstream puller allowed for easy speed up of the line to the production speed of 13m per minute.

As the pipe left the spray tank – pulled through by the synchronized puller fitted to the end of the Unicor spray tank, it was taken to the Balzanelli EC2000 coiler where coil production began. During the operation of the line the coiler ran flawlessly, not missing one strap cycle during the time coiling.

The overall demonstration lasted about 1 hour with pipe production lasting for about 45 minutes. In all – a great demonstration of how simple corrugated pipe production has become when using quality technology.

In summary

The mornings events where followed by a Bavarian feast with ample food for everybody. During the lunch time there was further discussion between the guests, and an overall consensus Unicor should make these events a regular part of their program. If you want to discuss any of the Unicor corrugated pipe technology please get in touch with me at ProfilePipe Machinery the North American agents for Unicor. If you attended the event and read this article please make comments as we would be happy to hear your thoughts on the day.

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