I often wonder why the North American drainage market hasn’t used more¬†3″ – 8″ corrugated smoothwall pipe in coils when the tile is being plowed into the ground. In Europe this product has been the dominent corrugated pipe manufactured for decades, and the manufacturing speeds have progressed significantly with the volume.

Since it hasn’t been introduced you could suppose that the drainage tile customers don’t value some of the benefits that would be gained by using a drainage pipe with a smooth inside such as:

  • higher flow capacity given the better Mannnings N flow coeffeicient for a smooth wall pipe

    coilable corrugated smoothwall pipe

    Sample of coilable smoothwall corrugated pipe

  • longer runs without increasing the diameter
  • possibility to use a lower slope
  • better internal cleansing / flushing
  • reduced fuel consumption given the possible downsizing of mains.
  • Higher equipment usage with the possible extension of runs.

When looking at the above list there seem to be too many benefits to the end user for this product not to enter the market. So one can conclude the barrier to entry must be a technology barrier, with the drainage tile manufacturers not having the appropriate technology to make the product in North America.

In my next posting I’ll talk about some of the requirements that the technology to make coilable corrugated pipe must have to be higly efficient and compete with the low cost 4″ corrugated pipe.

If you have questions about how to make corrugated¬†doublewall pipe in coils you can check out my corrugated pipe technology page and then send us a question, we’ll be happy to get you more information.

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