Site Contributors has asked the following people to be contributors to this site. They are volunteering their time to write articles and promote thoughts about corrugated pipe technology. We encourage you to ask them questions about the use and application of pipe corrugators, and the related technology and products which are used in a corrugated pipe manufacturing facility.

To get in touch with us directly you can reach Tony Kime at:

246 Nichabau Rd
Chapeau, QC J0X-1M0

Expert in the corrugated pipe machinery field. Has spent over 25 years in the corrugated pipe industry, first in a pipe manufacturing company and now specializing in the sale of corrugated pipe technology. Operates a sales and consulting agency for corrugated pipe technology.

Tim Toliver operates a consulting and design business specializing in the plastic pipe industry. With over twenty years experience in the corrugated pipe industry, working in specifications, product design and manufacturing, Tim developed a solid foundation and diverse background which benefits his customers greatly in the projects he undertakes.

Tim recently developed an accesory product line for manufacturers of corrugated pipe, offering a line of gaskets, fittings and bells.

Tim will be writing about general interest topics focussed on corrugated pipe design and accesory products. If you have any specific questions that Tim might answer, get in touch with us and we will let him know.

For more information about Tim’s services and products you can check out his website at Advanced Pipe Products.

Joe has over 30 years experience in the plastic corrugated pipe industry. He is a trained mill wright and electrician, and today works as a sales technician for Adescor. Joe has experience in the design and manufacture of corrugated pipe and is also an expert in the equipment used to make corrugated pipe.